What is there to say about this gem of a vape shop? Oh so much. If you are a beginner this is the best place in the area to go. The staff is patient, highly knowledgeable, and care about the needs of every customer. This is not the type of environment where you're rushed into a purchase, or sold the latest and greatest just because.

If you've been in the game for awhile, this is the spot for you, they have over 100 flavors, many times flavors no one else in the area has, they rotate new product in at a good rate, and have a voting system for bringing in new flavors unlike I've seen anywhere else. Their focus is on the customer experience.

If you're all about supporting black owned, family owned and/or veteran owned businesses, this is the spot for you.

If you're looking to relax a bit, drop by for good conversation, watch a movie, or jump on the sticks.

21+ is the rule, and they are hard on it, so I apologize but this is not the location to bring your kids in with you. Other than that I look forward to seeing you there.

Chris Smith
Loyal Customer


Visit us on line or in our shop located next to Giant in the Eastgate Shopping Center, Lanham MD

Text messaging App disabled.

10539 Greenbelt RD #102, Lanham, MD 20706


Monday - Saturday

11 am - 7 pm